FTB Revelation - V1.1.0

The Commandments of Thor (aka Server Rules):

1. Don’t be a meanie. If you’re reported as a meanie, an admin will reach out to you to discuss. If your meanie ways don’t change, you’ll be banned from the server.

2. This pack is built around difficulty, loss, conflict, and pain. No builds, bases, items, machines, gear, etc. will be replaced, restored, revived, re-anything’d regardless of the reasons so do not ask. The admin staff will politely point you to this rule and then return to their game.

3. You are responsible for claiming any chunks that are to be used for private use. Any theft and\or destruction by persons you provided authorized access to, will not be repaired or refunded. Nor do these acts count as griefing or theft in the eyes of the administrators. You are responsible for administering access to your own claim, which includes auditing who has access.

4. Respect other player’s bases, builds, and claims. Do not go around pushing buttons, activating Redstone, taking items, etc. Pretend you are in a museum. Look but don’t touch.

5. No one is to build within 16 chunks of spawn or another player, so check around before claiming land. If this rule is violated, the person with older claim wins, and if that's not you then, well, you will be asked to move.

6. If an automation setup is found to be the source of a large amount of server lag, you will be given 48 hours to alter the setup before it is removed.

7. No use of weather changing devices.

8. To save server resources, loaded chunks will only remain active for 48 hours after you log out. To prevent chunks from being unloaded, you need to log in once every 48 hours to reset the offline timer.

9. You are responsible for your account! If your account breaks the rules, you will be held accountable. There is zero tolerance for someone else using your account

10. Automated builds must be overflow proof. This means that you need to have your builds automated in such a way that they with either void all overflow, or will auto-shut-off when their inventory is. This rule includes things like, but is not limited to: Entities, Mob drops, XP orbs, saplings, mined blocks, ect.

11. If your automation is causing a significant amount of server lag, you will be asked to modify your build. If you do not modify your build within 48-hours, the admin will remove it and you will not be refunded.

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